Our services

The Restover Lodge Hotel prides itself in providing world class services at affordable rates. Both our facilities (Rotherham and Doncaster) are steeped in this ethos of customer service.

We are not only in the business of providing food and lodging. Rather, we provide our guests, a home away from home. We’ve spared no expense to deliver that experience. The comfortable, quilted bed, complimentary tea and coffee makers and other services are part of that effort.

Services at Restover Lodge Hotel

We are one of South Yorkshire’s best bed and breakfast facilities. We also provide lodging. Here’s some information on our services.

  • Room service:
    We are happy to say we provide room service. Sometimes, you feel lazy or tired and don’t want to leave the room. So we have placed a room service menu in every room. If you want to eat a snack or drink a beverage, all you have to do is pick up the intercom and order. Our staff will deliver the food or beverage expressly.
  • Television in all rooms:
    Unless you are tired or out most of the time, you may want to watch a little TV in your room. We understand this, so we’ve put a TV in all the rooms. There’s also a TV in the bar lounge (both our lodges have a bar lounge). This TV broadcasts BT Sports. So if you want to watch football, cricket or other sports, you can go there.
  • Laundry:
    When we are travelling, we often tend to pack lightly. Most hotels don’t provide laundry services. The result? We are forced to economize our clothes. But if you come to Restover Lodge Hotel, you don’t have to pack your dirty clothes away. Laundry services are available in both our lodges. Ironing can also be arranged. For rates, please check the laundry list provided in each room.
    • Free parking and Wi-Fi:
      At Restover Lodge Rotherham, we don’t charge our patrons anything for parking their vehicles on our premises. So if you are coming down in a car or a bike, you are welcome. We also understand how important it is to remain connected to the internet. That is why, we Offer Free Wi-Fi (Fair usage Bandwidth) for all our guests in the bedrooms, High speed packages are available from a little £1.99 to suit the needs.
      High Speed Free WI-FI in the bar lounge is available.
      If you want help in navigating the area, please visit our reception. We can help you plan an itinerary for your trip. To know more about our services, please call or email us at our address below.